Beta Readers

Beta readers provide invaluable input that will help elevate my work. Every author has different expectations for their beta readers. My critique group has helped me with my earlier drafts, critiquing aspects of my writing. Now, I need readers to focus on the story. That’s where you come in.

What I am looking for in a beta reader:

  1. Teens and adults who love to read.
  2. People who enjoy reading in the genre of my book.
  3. Readers who are aware of their emotional reactions while reading.
  4. Readers who can finish and report in three weeks.

If that’s you, and you’re interested in my current project (see book blurb below), then follow these steps:

  1. Sign up here. You will receive an email with a digital copy of my book.
  2. Read as much of the book as you would like.
  3. Fill out the form you received with the initial email.

Thank you so much for your input, and if this is not something you can do right now, perhaps you will consider being a reviewer when the book is ready for publication.



Book Blurb

For the past year, experts have labeled fifteen-year-old Chandler O’Connor everything from sociophobe to hyper sensitive, allergic to people, if that’s a thing. But he refuses to become the next bubble boy, even if he does black out when he’s around other people. Only Tyson, his older, much cooler cousin understands, and promises a way around the pain.

Chandler’s solitary confinement ends unexpectedly when the same illness sends Mom to the hospital, and Chandler to live with Tyson and Aunt Reyna. His release is short-lived, however, when his tyrannical aunt forces him to play lab rat for the unscrupulous Dr. Grindol. The doctor might be able to develop a cure, but he definitely put a girl in a coma, and Chandler isn’t eager to stick around.

Meanwhile, Tyson’s method grants him new life with friends and enhanced abilities. He learns to stretch his perceptions, increase his strength, and control people around him. But when his newfound powers endanger Mom further, Dr. Grindol may be her only hope, if Chandler’s willing to betray Tyson’s secret and give up the freedom that lies within his grasp. In the end, the line between hero and villain blurs as Chandler faces the truth about himself and what it means to save a soul.