Utah Valley Writers

Oakley, UT overviewUtah Valley Writers is the local chapter of the United Authors Association. Before I found them, I had a small writing group. We did the best we could in helping each other, but we floundered in some ways. The group disintegrated eventually, and I knew I needed a new writing family.

Since joining UVW, my writing has improved immensely. I’ve made new friends, learned from experienced authors, and served the community. I really can’t say enough about Utah Valley Writers.

Last year, a few talented members of UVW started a new organization that sought to expand the pattern and goals of UVW to outside of the valley. This organization is called the United Authors Association (the UAA). As membership in UVW increases, more chapters of UAA will naturally evolve. I’m excited to see more writers join us in developing their writing/publishing skills and then give back.