First Launch Party


Last night was my first launch party. I had wondered how a launch would go for an anthology, but now I’m wondering how it works for a novel. I loved sharing the night with the other authors of the anthology. We all read excerpts from our stories, and met and mingled with their friends and family. It was great.

Honestly, I was blown away with the quality of this anthology. It is perfectly professional, from the cover to the formatting. The stories are amazing, too. They’re well told and well written. (And I’m not saying that just because my story is in there.)

I am looking forward to the next launch party, whether it’s celebrating another short story, or my novel.

Anthology Release


Cool cover, right? Of course, the most exciting part for me is that my name is on it. Lab Rats won third place in the 2015 UAA short story contest, flash fiction category. It went through a series of edits afterward and on April 28, 2016, it will be officially published.

I’ve had a chance to read the other stories and I have to say I’m impressed. They’re all pretty awesome. The Patent Man, by Michelle Stoddard, is one of my favorite short stories. It drew me in from the first scene and held fast until long after I’d finished reading.

The anthology’s cover is inspired by Michael Darling’s The Mark, which is also a great read. It offers an enticing glimpse into the world of his novel, Got Luck. Hayley Hess-Beaumont’s Treacherous is a super fun Sci-Fi Western. I could go on about the others such as Murdering a Dead Man by Laura Henriksen, and The Extremities of Love by Jerry Timothy.

The whole experience from writing the flash fic, to winning third, to publication has been a rush. For the first time, I had editors and it was amazing. It’s got me chomping at the bits to submit Siphors. I have to remind myself it’s not ready yet, but soon it will be. Meanwhile, I will continue submitting short stories and hopefully repeat this experience.