Storystorm Follow-up

If you read my last post, you know that Storystorm is a picture book idea challenge that takes place every January and that I pledged to participate this year. (If you didn’t read the post, now you know.)

I am happy to report that I completed the Storystorm challenge this year and it was easier than last year. More importantly, since January, I have written four picture book manuscripts. Two ideas came during Storystorming and two did not.

Are the manuscripts any good? Surprisingly, I believe they are. They were a blast to write, and as an added bonus, I enjoy them all over again each time I go through to edit.

Also, since January, I have read many many more picture books, discovered a new favorite author, and found a new picture book critique partner. She is an awesome author/illustrator and is encouraging me to develop artistic abilities as well as my writing. (Check out her art.)

I think it’s safe to say that picture book writing is a solid part of my career aspirations. And perhaps one day I will even be able to illustrate my own work.

Today’s Book Recommendation:

Circle by Mac Barnett

3 thoughts on “Storystorm Follow-up

  1. This is wonderful, Daphne. Isn’t it great when the juices get flowing and you finish not just one but more projects! I’m glad you’ve found a picture book partner. That will make a great difference to you.


  2. Wow, Daphne. This is so good. I don’t know why your email came through as Social instead of the main inbox so I almost missed this. Love your site. spent a little time reading past posts.

    Are you going to WIFYR? I am for all five days. I hope you see you there.

    Love Karen


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