Learning to Draw: Starting at the beginning

I’ve been teaching myself to draw through books, mostly, but still felt like I was missing some key fundamentals and I wanted to be able to ask the instructor questions. So, I finally found a class that I could take that let me go at my own pace, ask questions, and that didn’t cost me as much as a credited class. It was an online course through Salt Lake Community College called Drawing for the Absolute Beginner.

The class went quickly, but I put all my focus into learning and doing the assignments to the best of my ability. And you know what? I feel like I made progress. One of the things I struggled to understand was perspective drawing, and I finally got it.

I spent many hours and drafts, but I finally got the hang of it.

I also got a better grasp on basic shapes and lighting.

When we moved to rendering techniques and drawing animals and futuristic scenes, I felt more confident and began experimenting with style. My mind turned to some of the picture book manuscripts I’ve written.

The best part is the more I practice the easier it comes and the longer I can draw before I wear out mentally and creatively. I am having a really fun time and look forward to learning more.

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