Calling all Beta Readers

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This is an exciting time for me. I finally reached the point where I feel I have done everything I can for my current novel, Siphors. I know there are still plenty of problem spots and questions that I need to answer, but it’s in a place now that I feel comfortable sharing it outside my critique group.

I’m hoping to get a mix of beta readers for this draft so I can get fresh reactions. They will be a sample of what I can expect later when I do get it published. Since I intend to traditionally publish this book, I am also entering the query trenches at the same time. That way, if I do sign with an agent, I will come armed with reader feedback and be ready to dig back into editing. And, if I don’t find an agent, I can apply the edits right away and try querying again.

If you’re interested in being a beta reader for me, please visit this page. You’ll find my reader expectations, a blurb of my book, and a link to sign up.

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