• Resolve to Evolve

    How many of us cringe at New Year’s resolutions? *Raises both hands* Every year, my dad made us separate from our new Christmas toys so we could write our goals for the new year. We had to come up with at least one educational, one physical, and one spiritual goal. I resented it because I… Read more

  • 2017 Christmas Letter

    For as long as I can remember, my uncle, Barrie Marchant, has written parodies for his Christmas letters. About three or four years ago, he asked me to co-write this letter, and I’ve continued to help him since then. He comes up with the brilliant concept and together we put it together into something that… Read more

  • The Cheeseburger Tamale: an American complex

    Now that my manuscript is in the hands of beta readers, I’ve had the chance to explore my next project. It’s something I always knew I needed to write because the world needs stories like this, but it’s also a project I’ve put off because it requires me to open up about myself. I’m going… Read more

  • Calling all Beta Readers

    This is an exciting time for me. I finally reached the point where I feel I have done everything I can for my current novel, Siphors. I know there are still plenty of problem spots and questions that I need to answer, but it’s in a place now that I feel comfortable sharing it outside my… Read more

  • Breaking News: Trump Bans Santa Claus

    For the past few years, my uncle has asked me to help him write his annual Christmas letter. He’s the mastermind behind the concept. I just help him execute it. This year’s letter was particularly fun. Here’s the PDF version: fauxnews-report FauxNews Trump Bans Santa Claus from U.S. Barrie Marchant | Daphne Higbee In a not-so-stunning… Read more

  • Pitch Wars: #pimpmybio

    Pitch Wars: #pimpmybio

    I’ll admit, Pitch Wars is new to me, and quite frankly, all the Twitter interaction is intimidating. Making friends has always come easily, but conversing via social media couldn’t be more awkward for me. Still, I won’t shirk from something that could only improve my writing. Submission Manuscript: Siphors is a YA superhero origin story where… Read more